ARIANET s.r.l. is an environmental consulting company founded in Monza (Milano) at the end of year 2000 by three subjects:

  • a group of atmospheric modelling experts, coming from research centres (ENEL, universities) and from consulting world;
  • ARIA Technologies S.A., an environmental consulting company that is considered the leader in France for air pollution modelling;
  • Project Automation S.p.A., an Italian company with distinguished expertise in design, integration and management of environmental information and pollution monitoring systems.

  • The main goal of ARIANET is to contribute to the comprehension of the atmospheric environment through the numerical simulation of dispersion and transformation of airborne pollutants. The field of action is the support to local governments and agencies as well as companies in assessing the impact of structures and industrial discharges, managing air quality at local and regional scale, designing control actions and recovery plans in urban and industrial environment.

    ARIANET activities consist of:

  • studies and consulting;
  • development of simulation tools;
  • integration of modelling systems;
  • training and tutoring activities.

  • A strong cooperation with European and American research centres and universities and with environmental protection agencies, as well as the participation to EU and national research programs allow to update the knowledge and to create innovative simulation tools, to be used in environmental consulting activities.

    Aside from air quality and modelling, ARIANET activities also include:

  • statistical treatment and graphical presentation of environmental data;
  • applied meteorological modelling on local- and meso-scale;
  • development of emission inventories;
  • integration between simulation models and geographic information systems (GIS);
  • reconstruction of traffic flows and evaluation of their impact on air quality;
  • air pollution forecast systems;
  • real-time pollution control for industrial sites .